If you follow High School football in West Texas regularly, then you know in the higher classes that the 806 usually goes home in the third round every year when we go up against a Metroplex team. This year Monterey, Coronado, Lubbock-Cooper, and Tascosa all went home in the second and third rounds to Metroplex teams. Why is it that we always are favored to lose when we play those teams? How can we fix it for our upcoming teams in the higher classes so they won’t suffer the same fate? cleannn

This all goes back to the most important ingredient in the mix. TALENT. Usually in the 806 we have an assortment of  players that can play with the Metroplex teams, but those schools have a full team sometimes and that is shown on the field when we go up against them. A coach that wouldn’t go on record told me the reason he left Lubbock to coach at a Dallas school is he is frustrated that their isn’t that much talent in the 806 pool as there is at a Dallas school.


Another reason is scheduling in non-district play. Now there are reasons we can’t go play the elite teams before district play, travel and costs being one of those, but until we expose our players to some REAL teams early to see where they stand and what they need to work on they never will know how good or bad they are until they run up against one of those teams in the third round and get eliminated. Dallas and San Antonio have advantages because all of those teams are right there and they can have a tough schedule every year so when they play us, it’s not even a tough game to them in their eyes.img_9396

Lastly, we as 806 teams have to learn to finish. Monterey was down 24-21 to Denton Ryan with the ball in the fourth and lost. Lubbock-Cooper was tied with Saginaw Boswell at 10 with six minutes to go in the game and lost. Coronado was down 28-27 after a slow start in their game against Colleyville Heritage at the half and came out in the third quarter and got outscored 13-0, which ultimately led to a loss. West Texas is ready to get on the Texas stage, but have to do the small things first, like scheduling tougher opponents and finishing before we can get the respect we deserve. I wouldn’t respect the 806 either if I was a Dallas squad..Until we win. Will we get a better crop of teams to challenge the Metroplex like the three teams we had in action Friday and Saturday? All these teams lose a whole bunch along with Tascosa in 6A so was this our best shot? I hope not but we will see…Next year… 


  1. All of your points are valid. A couple of more would be the fact that coaches can go to Dallas and make more money as assistants. We lose a lot of quality coaches to that area for that. It is not just what a head coach can do but what everyone else brings to the table as coaches. At the lower levels you have great coaches that are also getting AD money to stay. At the 4A level and up, This is more rare. Sometimes it is about the money.

    The next point I will make is the transfer rules are being relaxed. So if you are a stud player in the Duncanville or South Oak Cliff and play football you transfer to a DeSoto, Lancaster or Cedar Hill. If you are a basketball player you transfer into SOC or Duncanville. Even moving two miles to get into another district is not a big deal in the big city. It does not change where you work but can change your school. We all know this happens in the Amarillo, Lubbock, Midland and Odessa areas as well but not as much. Nobody is transferring to Muleshoe from Frenship or Wellington from Amarillo High.

    In 5A the attendance numbers do not really matter, in the 6A division it can. Allen has 6380 kids. The the three largest schools in the 806 are Amarillo, Tascosa and Frenship and they have a combined 6907 students. That can matter.

    There are many schools in Dallas and Houston areas that cannot compete with the 806 schools in football. It is just the top schools there are better for many reasons. I truly believe that someday there will be a right set of coaches and a right set of kids that come through a school that will have the ability to win it all at the large school levels. I really look forward to watching them succeed.

  2. Growing up in 806 and now living in the DFW Metroplex, I’ve noticed a difference in the available resources in all sports. The pool of kids to choose from that focus solely on one or two sports all year is far greater here than in the 806. Plus kids are more likely to grow up watching the same kids from their neighborhoods play in high school and then onto major colleges. These opportunities are created when you get assistance from coaches that have like experiences and connections… But in defense of the 806, you rarely see kids that have been shopped for a better playing opportunity.

    -my thoughts

    • Absolutely right.. It’s a complete culture change that needs to happen here. It has to be a no excuse zone for our coaches and players. You have to work harder than those Metroplex kids man

  3. I coach a 14u select football squad here in Lubbock. I will tell you, one of the biggest reasons those areas have such a talent pool, is because they start them young playing year around football. They head to tournaments all year. They’ve been playing in Championship games all of their lives. When they make it to the big games in High school, they’ve already been there. They’ve already played at the Cowboy’s stadium. It’s nothing new, so it’s not that big of a deal to them. Lubbock, or the 806 area, does not do a good job of having these kids in non seasonal Football. If we are gonna compete, we need to take a group of kids that have played year round football all of their lives.

    • Doesn’t help that the schools split too much talent too. Transferring is so easy as well. Don’t know how to game plan with your team because you don’t know who will be there when two-a-days start

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