“I don’t get no respect.” That’s what the great actor Rodney Dangerfield stated at one point in his career. I thought this quote accurately describes me in this 806 media world. Why say that? Well… We can start with me asking different businesses to help sponsor a magazine for 806 high school athletes and getting responses that ranged from, ” We will jump on board after a few years since you are a start-up.” to “You’re my competitor, so I can’t do that.” Who would’ve thought that I was a competitor with a multi-million dollar business when I make nothing off this? I’ll break down the rest later and reveal why big changes are coming to coverage from me, MR.806 High School Sports Connection.806 logo new



Hi Jason!   I think we will have to pass on this one.  We are several other things we are doing at the moment.  Please keep us in mind the next time.  =)
Thank you so much!!!!!


This was one of the responses, along with many others that turned us down, but that’s ok. Just pointing out that I tried to make the 806HSSC Magazine happen again, and failed, again. I want to thank Brownfield News, B&H Electricity, and Saenz Trucking for being the three sponsors to donate money to the magazine. I learned a lot in this process, mainly that when you are doing a free service, it is loved by the masses. But, when finances come into play, those same people will not donate a dime to me or my expenses.

Cory is poised to go DI, and maybe to Houston for a state title appearance in 2015!

Cory Kyle, the best running back I have covered


Really. This is a question I ponder every day. I remember when I started, the Lubbock Avalanche Journal emailed me and said if I used another picture of theirs in 2014, even though I gave them credit for each one in 2013, that they would take legal action.Fast-Forward to 2016, and at least 400 kids have my pictures as profile pictures or HUDL accounts along with websites using my pictures without permission, nonetheless. I have went all over Texas covering these 806 athletes and their pursuit of their dreams on my own. In 2014-15 I went to Dallas and to San Antonio to cover Canadian and Texline, and also went to Plainview on Thanksgiving Day to cover the Wildcats, but when I see their hierarchy they don’t even speak. Tanner Schafer did, and a few other athletes as well. Went to San Antonio again in 2015-16 to cover Canadian, Levelland, and Brownfield in the state basketball tournament with no sponsor as well. I popped a tire on the way in Justiceburg; cost me $432 dollars to get my tire fixed and delivered back to me on the side of the road. Needless to say, I missed the Cubs semifinal game but made it for the historic final.  Let’s look at numbers.. I have had 23.75 million hits on Twitter from August 2015 to June 2016. Guys..23.75 MILLION hits! Not to mention the 300,000 people a week that come to our Facebook Page. 31,400 followers on Facebook, 9,480 followers on Twitter, 7,500 followers on Instagram, but still no one has approached me to help me out, or sponsor. It’s unbelievable. I see some high school television shows that are sponsored that have 10 views! I have had at least 1,000 views on every show we have done…



Now that this is going into my fourth year of coverage, things will change dramatically.  As far as giving all these free photos and videos away, that will change. I will make my Twitter page private and only allow athletes to join and see their work. They deserve that because they are the ones working. I will not, however, let anyone else into the account due to the lack of respect from all aspects of hierarchy. I remember when Coach Wood from Muleshoe sent me a picture to share for Muleshoe’s basketball teams advancement into the Area Round in basketball. I got jumped on from a Muelshoe media outlet that really thought I stole the picture, so much so as to call me out on Twitter. That let me know that everybody in this business isn’t friendly, so why am I?  I will get respected for my hard work starting from this point on, even if it means losing some followers. I have a daughter and gas, rooms, graphic design, writing, and more trying to cover the 806 with not much help or credit. Also, these kids have a complete lack of respect now, and I know if I was to tweet or say some of the things that have been said to me on Twitter, my mom would kill me. But, nothing happens. I see parents that call me idiot, nigger, biased, and more, so now any work I am going to get heavily criticized for I want to be compensated for too. If not, we will fade back into the background again because all these media outlets still don’t share video, highlights, and countless pictures and interviews for free. I know why now. They gotta get compensated..and now I feel the same way….


  1. Sorry that you have been treated so harshly. I find it appalling that grown ups would use those words and speak to someone that way worse they allow their children to disrespect anyone they disagree with. I hate the sense of entitlement that people feel. So glad that I have raised both of my sons better than that. I can tell you as a BOLD GOLD ANTELOPE parent and fan I love your coverage! I also know that my boys do as well. Thank you Jason for all you do.

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